Saturday, October 27, 2012

losing & then maintaining...

just a quick post.  i was thinking about how in the first 6 months of this year i lost 30 pounds.  i had hoped to lose 50 pounds total by the end of the year.  but things happened.  a hysterectomy.  and a long recovery.

so i changed my focus to just maintaining.  not gaining.  which was tough.  the first few weeks after surgery i didn't move much and i ate some junk food.

in the entire 8 weeks of recovery i only gained 2 pounds.  and now those pounds are gone.  so my new goal for the rest of the year (only 2 months left!) is to just get back to the gym more and more.  and get my eating habits healthier.  maybe lose a few pounds.

i've been swimming 3 times a week.  back to the full 45 minutes when i'm feeling good.  i hope to get back spinning in another week.  then weights.

and things will change again.  a week, month or year from now, who knows what i'll be doing.  i think as long as i focus on baby steps and small improvements, i'll be just fine.

one thing i'm proud of: i started working out and eating healthy at the end of december, and i'm still doing it.  i didn't give up.  :)

so, just wanted to get that stuff on the blog.  now i'm going to eat sushi.  tomorrow swimming.  it's pretty good.