Sunday, June 26, 2011


One of my favorite comedians, Brian Regan:

Last visit to the doc revealed my cholesterol is going up, despite being on multiple cholesterol-lowering medications and starting a daily Omega 3 fish oil regiment. Now they say my sugar levels were high and had to go back for more blood work. Results next week...

Both of my parents had a heart-attack before 65. Dad is diabetic. I guess it's easy to see where this is going.

So, once again, I'm starting to eat better and move around more. I have to make it last this time. Life-time habits, not just diets. Jen's in it with me too. Wish us perserverance!

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copaX said...

I hear ya, Dan. I'm right there with you. My cholesterol's up, my weight's way back up. I think the important thing is we can't force ourselves to do something, that's not perseverance. Perseverance is not stopping just because we don't want to do something. We have to find other ways to make it work, and we have to realize the alternatives (more drugs, shorter life, less energy, etc). You and me, we're not going to all of a sudden become marathon runners and vegans and do everything right. We just have to try to do as many things right as we can, when we can, and not give up when we don't.