Friday, January 25, 2013

latest trendy diet- and i'm gonna try it!

yeah, i know, that rhymed.  i'm a poet and i know it.

so last year i lost 30 pounds.  had surgery.  had a long recovery.  gained back 4 pounds.

i've been fighting to get back to the gym, doing better each week.  also fighting to get back to healthy eating.  improving each week.  but not losing any weight.

so it's time to do something about it.  i've been hearing about "the shred diet" for weeks.  i've caught the doctor who came up with it on various talk shows.  i've done some research.  bought the book, read it.

the diet gets really good reviews.  it's super sensible and allows for choices of what to eat.  it basically takes a bunch of tried & true methods and combines them into 1 6 week program.   it's meant to help people break plateaus, but it can be followed by anyone.

from a review:

"The recipes, diet plan, and exercise prescriptions in Shred are quite sensible. Eating is organized into four, calorie-controlled meals and three snacks at regularly scheduled intervals throughout the day. Alcohol and soda are limited. The diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Sugar and refined carbohydrates are avoided. Cardiovascular exercise is recommended for at least forty-five minutes per day, five days a week. The plan is presented in such detail that one can follow instructions for each meal, snack, and exercise every day for six weeks. You simply repeat the six week “course” as many times as you like to achieve your total weight loss goal. In my view, the Shred diet, is a reiteration of sound nutritional and exercise principles in an easy-to-follow menu format that requires little thought processing." 

i'm super excited to do the 6 week plan.  i know i can do it.  it's pretty much what i did to lose weight last year, with more of an emphasis on smaller, frequent meals.  it only allows for 3 glasses of wine a week.  and one small cup of coffee each day.  that's what will be tough for me.

but i can do it, and i'm excited to start!!!

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