Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Filling Foods

For WW followers, I'd seen this list before, but could never find it again. After doing some digging around on the WW website and in their forums, I found the
printable list of Filling Foods

I've also been trying to find a list of all foods with a SetPOINTS value, but haven't had luck with that. I think they purposely don't have one outside of the Find & Explore section of the site tools.


glittermom said...

When I think I want to eat something I have a sugar free popsicle...it takes the edge off..might not work for everyone but it helped me when I was doing W.W.

glittermom said...

we use to have a list of zero point foods...does anyone have it?

vivalarobot said...

Cool, i was looking for this list. thanks for posting!! i'm going to print now!