Thursday, April 15, 2010

healthy green shake recipe?

Executive Chef Jim Perko with the Cleveland Clinic's Lifestyle 180 program said instead of buying a health food drink from the grocery store, you can actually make one that's better for your body and your wallet.

NewsChannel5's Maurielle Lue and registered dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick looked on as Chef Perko mixed these healthy ingredients into a green elixir.

* 1 Cup of kale
* 1 Cup of spinach
* Green grapes
* 1 orange
* 1 banana
* Cap full of Chia Seed
* Ice
* Water

The ingredient that makes this shake different is the Chia Seed. It thickens the drink, making it grow inside your stomach and keeping you fuller... longer.

Finally, add Ice and water (orange juice if you want a sweeter taste) and watch this drink turn bright green.

Kirkpatrick said looking for foods that come with NO LABELS, like fresh fruits and vegetables, do wonders for your weight control.

All of the ingredients in this drink are healthy alternatives to other breakfast smoothies that contain added preservatives and sugars.

anyone brave enough to try this????

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glittermom said...

you make it I'll try it...