Monday, May 28, 2012

Holiday Weekend challenges

This is probably just me babbling, just happy to have a place to vent :)

It's the holiday weekend, and I'm bouncing back and forth between beating myself up and being happy about changes I've made that are sticking. Oh pendulum!

The good stuff:
  • Saturday, took about an hour and a half walk along the beach at Edgewater. Super extra bonus was that we walked on giant rocks some of the time. I was petrified of falling, I'm not exactly as graceful as those goats that live on the sides of mountains, but I did it. It was super fun, I'm definitely going back.
  • At a cookout yesterday, I participated in badminton. No, it's not strenuous exercise, and I was TERRIBLE, but at least I got up off my butt and moved. And laughed a LOT. Oh, and invented the Basketball Serve. Watch for it at the Olympics.
  • Stayed pretty much offline from Friday afternoon to now. All the access to technology is damaging my ability to be where I am, mentally. Today, I'm going to do this, maybe update my other blog, then take another tech break. 
  • With the teeny exception that will come next, I totally stuck to no meat, no dairy except quality fish.

The "Ok, not bad!" stuff:
  • There were kebabs at the cookout yesterday with Haloumi cheese. I ate a piece. About the size of chick pea. It was LOVELY. And now, I have no desire to have more. So yay!

The bad stuff:
  • I'm not paying attention to eating only when I'm hungry
  • Booze. I drank way too much. Not as much as I would have when I was younger, but still. I'm not losing any weight, and I KNOW alcohol is a big part of the problem. So is the other point, not paying attention to if I'm hungry or not.
So, today is a new day. I'm not going to eat just to eat, I'm going to nap, and enjoy myself, and when I'm hungry, I'll eat. And maybe I'll even turn on the air conditioning :)

Thanks for the "ear"!

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glittergirl said...

i love reading your posts. it's nice to be reminded of the simple things, like how to survive a holiday weekend without going crazy with the eating.

knowing that a tiny bite of cheese was enough, that's another big lesson.

so yeah, woo hoo!!!