Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Tom and I went out to eat yesterday, and while I was analyzing the menu and figuring out what "qualified", I thought, "Man, I really just want to eat like a normal person again." Then I thought about how when I did eat like what I was thinking about, I felt bad. No energy, had to nap (as opposed to napping because I like to!), bloated, yucky. So, ceviche and salad instead of fried chicken ramen it was :)

That is all... as you were!

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glittergirl said...

i don't even know how "normal people" eat. i know that a small percentage of people are naturally thin, and the rest of us have to always be vigilant about our weight.

i've been in vegas for 5 days now. eating a bit more crap and exercising less, and yeah, i feel pretty crappy.

looking forward to being home and back on track!