Thursday, February 9, 2012

Downsizing Portions

I love this study. Four different groups of people were asked if they wanted to downsize their meal at a Chinese restaurant. It seemed like it disrupted peoples' patterns and made them think, OH! you know, I don't really need all that food!

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glittergirl said...

that's such an interesting study. i think we've gotten so used to giant portions in restaurants. i want to try to split meals with the husband. i wish restaurants were more accommodating to doing that. a lot of them charge a fee for sharing a meal.

when i go out to breakfast and order eggs & bacon, no toast or hash browns, the waitresses seem so... confused. they always say that the meal will cost the same, and i say "that's fine." i'd rather pay for some food i won't eat then have it on my plate only to be thrown away,

so i say RIGHT ON to smaller portions!