Saturday, February 11, 2012

why not?

i read an article about running, and all the excuses people make to not run.  it really had an impact on me, and it was part of what fueled me to join a gym.  anytime i start to come up with reasons not to swim, i think of this article, and i go swim.

i had a dream a few months ago, that i was a runner.  it felt amazing.  i woke up thinking, "some day i'm going to run.  with the metal plates in my ankle and weighing over 200 pounds, i believe someday i'll run."

my dad was a runner.  he had a triple bypass in his late 30's, and when he recovered, he became a health nut and marathon runner.  he went from being an overweight junk food eater, to a runner.  he was even featured in the newspaper, showing his giant heart bypass scar on his chest.  (i wish i had a copy of that!)

i'm rambling.   but what i'm trying to say is, why not?  why not swim every morning?  why not eat healthy and lose weight?  and why not dream to run?  

here's the full article.

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