Monday, February 6, 2012

time for a new swimsuit!

well, i've been swimming for over 6 weeks now.  i am going 5 days a week.  yesterday i noticed that my old swimsuit is falling apart.  from too much swimming!  it just make me laugh, to think that i needed a new one due to overuse.  especially when this suit was too tight on me this past august.

when i get on the scale, i'm not seeing a big drop in pounds.  of course i tend to weight myself in a wet swimsuit.  i also get confused about my weight because it's different on the home scale then the gym.  my clothes are fitting better, so that's enough for me.

overall, i am doing great with exercise, and i follow my dietary goals 80% of the time.  i totally suck at my drinking goal of cutting back on wine.  my 3 glasses of wine in the evenings are hard to give up.  i know it's slowing down my weight loss some.  just something i have to keep working on.

it's been great talking to everyone about their progress, what's easy, what's difficult.  i'm lucky enough to be in close contact with everyone on the blog team, and it's amazing to hear the success stories as well as the struggles.

we're all just human, and we're trying our best, and that's the most we can do.  go team!


copaX said...

I think if I recall correctly they suggest that you weigh yourself on the same scale, and in similar clothing each time. If you mix scales, or have varying levels of clothing, it can throw things off.

I'd imagine the key is to eliminate as many variables as you can. And not focus on the total number, but more the delta over time, longer period the better as that will smooth out any spikes and dips.

glittergirl said...

i got weighed at the doctor's office yesterday. i had been there a month before (right when i started my swimming.) i lost 6 pounds for the month of january. i'm really happy with that. if i lose 6 pounds a month, i'll hit my goal weight in a year.

i gained this weight slowly, over years, and it's going to take time to lose it, slowly.

slow and steady wins the race.