Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nutritional Yeast

Ok, go on, grimace! The name made me avoid it for months. Finally though, I figured it was time to try it.

Nutritional yeast is something that vegans and vegetarians use to add a cheese-like, or umami, flavor to foods. Umami, from what I understand is a new "taste sense" that was defined last year. I don't have a good description, but it's more of a mouthfeel than a flavor - savory, and soft.

Don't mix up nutritional yeast with Brewers Yeast or baking yeast either. NOT the same! Nutritional yeast is sold in either a powder or flakes (I have the flakes). They contain a lot of B12, fiber, and it's a complete protein. Anyway, you can Google the stuff and read more about it. I'm just saying, it's delicious. You can stir it into soups, Tom's been putting it on toast with either butter or peanut butter, pretty much anything savory like that. I made a broccoli casserole that was AWESOME, and this morning, I made these cheesey potatoes.

Vegan Cheesey Potatoes!

Now, I'm not a vegetarian, or a vegan. When I ate the potatoes, I added some hamburger. That negated the vegan aspect of the meal. (joke) But, I LOVE cheese, and if I can trade it in sometimes for something with tons of nutrients and way less fat, even sometimes, I want to do that. The sauce for those potatoes is seriously really good. I'm going to make some mac and "cheese" sometime soon, I'll let you know how it is.

I am babbling.



glittergirl said...

i love trying new and unusual foods. and finding ways to eat less meat & dairy is a good thing. you should make this recipe for me and bring it to work.


glittermom said...

Where do you find such a thing? I might even try that...

Carol said...

I got it at Mustard Seed Market, but you can probably get it at Whole Foods, too. From what I understand, the flakes are more delicious. That's what I have. Right now, I'm eating some linguini with pasta sauce, and I stirred in a little less than a teaspoon of this stuff instead of cheese. It's fantastic!

J-net said...

I just bought some the other day and haven't tried it yet! Mom, I'll let you try it too.

glittermom said...

what section would it be found in the groc store?

Carol said...

I'm not really sure, I had to ask for help finding it at Mustard Seed. There, it was with dried fruit, but that doesn't make any sense. I think that's just where they had room for it.