Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Engine 2

As Jen has heard about to the point where I am grateful she doesn't shove her fist in my mouth to shut me up, I started the Engine 2 Diet on Monday.

I had originally planned on doing ALL the diet modifications at once. Oh so full of gusto and motivation! Then I watched the week by week videos on the Engine 2 website. The fella who spearheaded putting this diet together laid out a plan where you can phase in changes one week at a time. When I thought about actually DOING it, I thought that sounded wiser.

This week, I have eliminated all dairy. It has been shocking to me how many of my "go to" foods are dairy. Eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, milk. I love them all. However, soy milk is good, and the rest of the stuff, I'll see how I feel after the initial 28 days and go from there. It's only been a couple of days, but already I feel less "weighed down". I don't know if that's because of no dairy or much less meat each day, but I'm down with it. It feels good.

And Tom, who hasn't liked sweet potatoes, tried them again last night! This is huge. I love sweet potatoes, but I never cook with them because he didn't like them. He was good with them! He said he had bad memories of boiled to death sweet potatoes, or worse, the HORRIFYING overcooked, suffocating under marshmallows and diabetic from all the brown sugar casseroles from family holidays gone by. I'll help him get over that, one sweet little spud at a time :)

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glittergirl said...

i love hearing about your engine 2 diet! and lord knows you listen to me yammer about the pool.

i like being able to go to work and know someone is doing the healthy thing. being able to talk about recipes & workouts, it's fun for me.

and i'll have some soy coffee creamer for you tomorrow.

rock on!