Thursday, March 29, 2012


as i was swimming today, i stared to think about my weight, and the actual numbers on the scale. my poor body has really gone through some major weight gains and losses over the last decade.

here's a brief rundown:

2001- 307 pounds. right before weight loss surgery.

2002- 150 pounds. a year after surgery.

2003- 135 pounds. after abdomenaplasty surgery to remove 15 pounds of hanging skin.

2004- 185 pounds. after a year of major depression and heavy drinking.

2006- 220 pounds. after 2 years of cutting back on drinking, but eating crap and struggling with depression.

2011- 250 pounds. after starting on meds for fibromyalgia that cause major weight gain.

today: 225 pounds. after swimming for 3 months and eating healthy.

i want to be back under 200 pounds by the end of the year. it feels totally doable.

here's the news story i did in 2007 talking about my surgery and the struggles afterwards. i can't stand to watch it, but i'm glad i did it. they didn't get all the info right, but it was close enough. i feel like it tells at least part of my story. watch for dan in the nook. he's on camera for all of 2 seconds. LOL

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Carol said...

That was really brave of you to even do that interview, much less post it here. I'd really like to find out what's fact vs. fiction here. Maybe sometime we can talk about it at work, when no one's around?