Saturday, March 10, 2012

update on my progress

i got weighed at the rheumatologist yesterday. i'm officially down 15 pounds since december. i've gone down a size in pants. clothes fit better. i feel healthier and stronger.

what i've done right:
  • i gave up fast food, probably my worst addiction
  • i cut out most carbs and eat mostly lean protein & veggies
  • (no bread, pasta or potatoes)
  • i eat slower, put down my fork between bites
  • i follow the weight-loss surgery rules
  • i went from no exercise to swimming 6 days a week
  • i gave up mentos

what can be improved:
  • i am obsessed with sugar free hall's cough drops. i need to give them up.
  • i still drink wine. my last real addiction to get under control.
  • i love cheese, but i'm trying to cut back. now it's just 1/2 a piece of cheese on my egg whites.
  • i am kicking ass with my swimming, but it's time to leave my comfort zone of the pool and start including weights and some kind of aerobics class.
  • grazing. when i'm at work, i snack too much. i need to try to stick to 3 meals and less snacking. i want to try and learn what's real hunger vs. boredom or anxiety
i'm changing my basic thinking about diet and exercise. it's now something i just do every day, like brushing my teeth. i will always eat this way and i will always exercise.

i feel like "phase one" of my life changes has been a success, but now it's time for phase 2! lot's of room to improve. it's going to be good.


Carol said...

I tried to comment already but you rigged Blogger to not post my comment, harrrrumph!

I said that you are a huge inspiration! AND, that you motivate me because no way am I going to get left in the dust and let you be the Hot QA! Be warned....

Carol said...

Oh no! I meant, the ONLY hot QA. You can be hot, too. I'll let you :)

glittergirl said...

we can be hot together!