Monday, April 23, 2012

"Burger -n- Beer" lunches

6 weeks into Engine 2, and I'm starting to realize that meat is truly gone. Sunday was hard. It was chilly out, and such a perfect day to do something Tom and I used to do a lot - find a bar, and have a burger and some beers. It was fun, but man, we ate really badly.

I know the world will not end, and I will not keel over, if I have ONE cheeseburger. But right now, I don't know if I'd stop at one. Part of why E2 works for me is because it's so "cold turkey". I'm not good at just one, or just a little.

We ended up at Noodlecat, my favorite Sunday spot. They had a super good vegetarian special (Seemed vegan to me, I didn't ask questions :) ) I also had some sake infused with plum vinegar. Much tastier than it sounds! It got me over the hump.

I know cravings will hit. Best I can do, I think, is realize that I can't expect to change 46 years of eating habits and of developed tastes in just a few weeks. Much as I WANT to!

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glittergirl said...

i snapped this morning and got BK for breakfast. oh, the regret! my stomach hurts, and i feel like such a dumb ass. going to just forgive myself, apologize to my stomach, and go back to the healthy eating.

you're doing amazing, fyi!