Monday, April 30, 2012

i get knocked down...

i woke up today incredibly depressed, defeated.  why?

  • the shots in my hands didn't work.  in fact, the doc hit a nerve and if i hit my wrist against something it hurts a lot.
  • i found out that one of the healthy things i've been doing (eating more tofu & soy products, less animal products) is causing a problem.  i have problems with my "lady time" each month, and the soy products are making it worse.  so now i have to cut out a healthy food option that i love.
  • i haven't been able to swim in almost a week due to stupid "lady time" problems
  • i am having a terrible time giving up alcohol
so, all of these things are valid reasons to feel defeated.  i could easily give up at this point.  but i made a promise that starting today i'd "kick it up a notch" and make more improvements.

i'm talking myself out of the funk, using CBT tools that have helped me over the years.  i woke up at 4am, couldn't swim, so instead i did the dishes, the laundry, played with the dogs.  today i'll focus on eating really healthy, i'll try and take a walk on my lunch break with miss carol.

yesterday i got rid of all of my clothes that are now too big.  i tried on clothes and for the first time in years, i'm in a size 16.  this makes me so happy!

i need to focus on cutting out the booze, eating lean protein and fresh fruits and veggies, and once the hideous "lady time" is over, i'm going to hit the pool harder, and get back to spinning class.

i want to be in the best shape possible when we go to vegas in june.  my eye is on the prize!

i get knocked down, but i get up again!!!  (and you're welcome for the ear worm.)

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