Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Numbers

This is mostly for Jen, because I've been driving her crazy waiting for these :)

I got my new numbers today, this was all after about 5 weeks on Engine 2. I'm really pleased. Bear with me, I'm actually thrilled and will likely give you WAY more details than you want :)

Overall number before: 223
New: 182

LDL before (the bad stuff): 141
New: 104

Ratio before: 4.1 (You want this at 5 or below)
New: 3.8

Now, two numbers were slightly worse than before (HDL went down, Triglycerides were a little up) so I'll keep an eye on them. They're both in an ok state, but I want it ALL in line. That drop in LDL is super sweet, I didn't think it would drop like that.

I've been less diligent the past week or two, and started cooling with a little oil, and eating more processed foods. This is total incentive to me to knock that off, and get back to whole, fresh foods.

On my way for Project 150!

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glittergirl said...

it's amazing how much you lowered your cholesterol. i'm trying to make more vegetarian meals. less animal products. tofu, spaghetti squash, lots of weird new foods to experiment with. i love hearing about what you're cooking, it inspires me!