Saturday, January 7, 2012

Boot Camp

UPDATE: 1/15/2012 - got weighed in yesterday for the first time and lost 6 pounds. yeah me! it is so hard to want to drive a half hour to work out...but i guess it is worth it. it is especially hard when i am on vacation.

Today was my first day at boot camp....i thought i was gonna die/hurl/walk out...but i didn't...i just kept moving. It is so hard to want to go back to a torture chamber where they have no mercy...but i need someone to kick my butt. i just hope my girlfriends and i keep it up. i am not coordinated so i want to know what the heck she is saying, learn those exercises and become more confident, not think anything of it, and have fun. I hope that day comes..... ugh!
i also bought a mini trampoline and it has a dvd of exercises so i think i will do those at i won't be so miserable in class.


glittergirl said...

oh, welcome to the blog! i'm so excited to see you posting!!!

i relate to what you said feeling "protected" by the isolation of being overweight.

oh, i have heard that kicking the soda habit is incredibly difficult, but it yields amazing results once you replace it with water.

i'm trying to drink emergen-C fizzy vitamin C water to help me curb my carb cravings. (i'm cutting out wine and mentos.)

and finally, something important i learned about onions: use them for cooking, for the flavor. if you cut an onion in big pieces, you get the flavor and can pick it out before you eat!

keep blogging!!!

glittergirl said...

p.s. i could never do boot camp. but i might want to try the mini trampoline someday. :)

copaX said...

Welcome to the weirdos.

My piece of advice, try to pick one thing, clearly define it, and focus on it entirely. Here's a blog post about The Single-Changing Method concept.

The Single-Changing Method

Some people tend to get overwhelmed by making lifestyle changes when they try to do more than one thing. I know I do.

ginny said...

thanks, guys!!!!! i will definitely take your advice...i will keep posting.... :)

glittergirl said...

awesome news about the boot camp weight loss!!!