Thursday, January 5, 2012

a sea change...

today i've been pondering about changing my old ways of thinking about diet and exercise. i feel like there's been a big shift in my thinking recently. i now see myself making better choices for the rest of my life. it really does feel like a "sea change" in my head. a very drastic change from deep within.

when i say the word "diet", i no longer mean some temporary change in eating habits to loose weight. i now mean the way in which i eat every single day. i choose each and every thing i eat. and i am committed to making better choices, so that i can live a long, healthy and happy life. as much as it's in my control.

i'll make good choices, and sometimes i'll make mistakes. i'll learn from my mistakes and move on. instead of making mistakes, hating myself, and giving up!

i read something recently, an analogy about breaking eggs. the person asks, "in all your years of cooking, have you ever dropped an egg on the floor? when you dropped the egg, did you just stop cooking forever? or did you wipe it up and start over?"

the point being: why let mistakes stop you from trying again? why let a dropped egg keep you from ever making another omelet?

i'm feeling great and making the right choices lately. but i'll screw it up, i'll fail, i'll do the wrong thing. it's inevitable. the big change i'm trying to make is that when i fail, i'll accept the failure, learn from it, and move on. knowing i'll fail at times, but working to not beat myself up about it.

on tuesday i had nothing healthy to eat for breakfast and i was back to work after the holidays. my mistake was being unprepared. so i got mcdonald's, and felt bad. and it was gross!

for lunch that day i made good choices. i stopped my inner critic from telling me that i sucked for eating mcdonald's. it was a bad choice, but i had plenty of chances to make good choices. i've been making good choices for every meal since then.

ok, enough of my rambles. it helps me to keep blogging about this stuff!

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