Saturday, January 7, 2012

good and bad choices...

well, i decided that i'd have a "break" from all the healthy eating last night. i still made roast chicken breast, but i ate the potatoes and had wine. for the first time in a week, i had a nice chardonnay. it was ok. the first glass was a nice buzz. but then it was just sort of a waste. i ended up having a crappy night's sleep too.

but i took that "bad choice" and made a good choice. when i woke up at 5am, i did the dishes and went to the gym. i had the entire pool all to myself and it was lovely. i swam laps (dog paddle, of course) and then did my own weird water aerobics. i got my heart rate going and it felt great. of course i hit the whirlpool and sauna.

it felt so good! i even washed my car and had a small coffee from mcdonald's. weird to go there and not order my favorite #2 meal in the morning. instead of that, dan & i went to my favorite little dinner and i had a big omelet with cheese and bacon. hold the toast and hash browns.

i like the high protein, super low carb way of eating. it's almost easy for me. although i do miss a nice roll of peppermint mentos at times...

i start my 5 day 'fast' on monday, my birthday. i'm strangely excited to NOT have cake. i'll turn 42 drinking protein shakes, and going for a swim. happy birthday to me!

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