Monday, January 23, 2012

Learning to love the mockery

For lunch today, I had rye toast with avocado. I have a bunch of avocados, and they are delicious, so it seemed fine to me. I also have a lot of left over cut up limes and lemons, so I brought some to work to put in my water.

While I was in a meeting, two people made comments about my lunch, one comment was that semi-scornful "oh, being all HEALTHY..." Before now, I would have been embarrassed to have attention like that, but today... I considered the source, and just said "yep" and moved on. And yeah, I did feel a little smug. On the inside :)


copaX said...

I hate those kinds of comments. Back when I was in WW, I used to get all kinds of comments about not doing things "right". I get really defensive when somebody tells me I'm wrong, even in general, and throw in weight insecurities, and I get even more defensive.

I like your reaction. You just acknowledged it, and moved on. Good for you :)

glittergirl said...

Oh, we work with some nosey buttinskis! I can guess who said it too. Definetly good to take the high road.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed similar attitudes from people since I've quit drinking. Oh well. Keep fighting the good fight!