Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Juicing Fun

About one week into having my juicer, I am having fun experimenting with different fruits and vegetables to figure out what tastes good and what does not. Even if it doesn't taste great sometimes, I at least feel like I'm doing something good by making it and drinking it.

Does not - I make a juice with other stuff, plus carrot and sweet potato. NO.

Does - Cucumber. Tomato. Kale. Also, I got a jar of already minced organic ginger. A teeny bit in juice is LOVELY.

So, all month I've been doing yoga almost every day, drinking more water, and now, juicing for about a week. This morning as I was doing yoga, I noticed, "huh. I'm not tired." Normally, Tuesdays are a struggle because I have band practice the night before and can't unwind and immediately go to sleep after it. Today though, I feel good. I hope it is a trend :)

For your viewing pleasure, Here are a couple of pictures. One is the "before" of juice I made last night. One is the "after"...

The ingredients: kale, tomato, beet, ginger, carrot (top included!)

The results. It was delicious!


glittergirl said...

carol, you are a juicing master!

Carol said...

I really am. You should be nicer to me.