Monday, January 2, 2012

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

So I skipped the gym today. I decided a nap and a plate of cheese would be better. I followed the cheese nap with a bottle of wine & fried chicken. Topped it off with a cup of sugar, snorted through my nose. Just checking to see if anyone reads these posts! (edit: oh these posts are read - copax) I've stuck to my no mentos/ no alcohol rule. I drove out in the snow to get to the gym. I swam laps (doggy paddle all the way!) and then sat in the whirlpool. It was pretty cool. One odd thing: there are no fat girls at the gym! It's all soccer moms & their kids, or weird middle-aged jocks. And not a tattoo to be seen! I'm also wondering what the proper etiquette is for strangers in the whirlpool? Do you make small talk, ignore each other, or pretend to intently read (& reread) the rules posted on the wall. You'll never guess what this awkward girl did! Let's just saw that I know the many rules of the whirlpool & I may have broken at least 3 of them. I'm doing great with eating specific to weight loss surgery. The liquid fast will begin on Friday. Exciting!


copaX said...

You should get one of these.

jen said...

oh yeah, i bet that's totally safe for the pool! and it's TRENDY. yes, i need it. :)

glittermom said...

I believe rule no. 1 is no peeing in the pool!!!