Wednesday, January 18, 2012

checking in...

Just Checking In On You

i just wondered how everyone was doing with their exercise goals.

here are my random updates, thoughts, etc...


  • i still love swimming.  i try to go every day, because i just feel amazing afterwards.  plus i "reward" myself with some time in the hot tub or the sauna, and that seems to really help with my arthritis.  i sleep better & my mood is always great after i swim.
  • my 30 minutes of swimming and water exercises is good, but i need to "kick it up a notch" if i'm going to lose more weight.  so my goals for next week:
    • take a "master swimming" class to learn how to swim better and burn more calories
    • try a yoga class
    • try an aerobics class
  • my gym offers so many classes at all hours of the day and evening, and it's all free, so i need to be brave, go out of my comfort zone (the pool), and try new stuff.
  • i'm sticking to the high protein, low carb diet.  i'm following the weight loss surgery rules about water (when to drink it, how much etc...)  i don't even miss bread, rice or pasta!
  • i am struggling with drinking wine.  i need to limit that to 1-2 times a week.  i was doing good with this until monday.  i keep coming up with reason why i "need" a glass of wine.  like:
    • i had a bad day at work!
    • i have PMS!
    • it's the weekend!
  • the thing is, i know better.  i never use those excuses to skip working out, so why use them to drink wine?  i need to work on this.  i don't need to beat myself up.  just try, try, try to get better.
i think trying, making improvements, and moving past the "mistakes" or failures is the key.  keep moving forward!


ginny said...

it sounds like you are doing an amazing job it cracks,me up that getting out of the pool would be getting out of your comfort zone!!! I could never b comfortable in a etc. have you thought of drinking something out of a wine glass? sparkling grape juice? it might b easier . I can't niece you don't miss all of the bread, pasta etc. good for you. I'm def not there yet. I updated my bootcamp post. it still is hard to go.....keep up the great work!!!

Carol said...

I love that you're being so diligent! I have been trying to stick to the 21 day yoga challenge. I have not been 100% on top of it, but I have been at least doing yoga almost every day. I didn't do it Friday or yesterday, so today... back to downward facing dog. Even if it's just for 10 minutes!

I'm struggling, too, with drinking. I don't thinkit's a physical addiction, it's just such a habit. I have definitely been drinking much less beer, but I need to gear all of it way down.

Tom and I have committed to not drinking at all for 2 weeks, starting Feb 5th. Not going to lie, it's going to be hard.

glittergirl said...

the no drinking is so f'in hard!!!