Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Keyboards should not function at 4:06 AM

Hello, all! Posting at 4:07 AM? Sure! What could go wrong?

I haven't posted here yet and didn't want to be a creepy lurker. I think I know each of you in real life. That is a nice change from another site I'm on, Sparkpeople. I joined it, and check in off an on. Sometimes there are interesting message board threads, but as far as my blog, I feel like it's just posted up there and a bunch of strangers are posting their blogs, and unless I "market" my blog, it's just going to sit there unread. Maybe I should post a recommendation to swallow cotton balls soaked in orange juice as a way to lose weight (I heard models do that) to see if anyone reads it. But I'd be horrified if someone gave that idea a thumbs up. Better not tempt fate.

I'm trying to do a lot of yoga. It at least makes me feel like I do have muscles in there somewhere. And the relaxation helps me not to freak out all the time. I'm nowhere near the person I want to be, physically and in some ways, mentally, emotionally, whatever you call the other part of yourself that's not physical. I'm working on all that right now. Truly grateful enough parts of my life are quiet enough right now that I can spend this time doing so.


glittergirl said...

welcome to the blog!

and thank you for bringing yoga to work. i really enjoyed my very first yoga session with you & sam. no one farted and i was able to stop giggling and making stupid jokes.

ok, i'm gonna put some cotton balls in my coffee and skip the gym. genius!!!

Carol said...

I just saw this comment! I don't know how to subscribe to some stuff yet, I'm rocketing into the 90's with this blogging stuff, lol.

I really like doing yoga at work in the morning. I do feel a little "on guard" when I'm in there alone, because I'm afraid someone will walk in. I couldn't care less if they see me doing yoga, I don't want someone busting into my peace of mind. I think Jerry's comment really stuck in my brain and now I'm afraid he's going to invite himself in.