Monday, January 9, 2012

happy birthday to me...

well, today is my bday. i'm not a big fan of bdays. but this one is sort of "special". i'm starting a liquid fast. so no cake for me!!! and i'm happy about it. weird.

i had hoped to swim before work, but i had to come in early. so instead i parked way at the bottom of a steep hill and ran up it, and then did the 3 flights of stairs at work. these are not normal stairs. they are really steep and even the people who run marathons get winded on these stairs.

i had my one small cup of coffee with some steamed skim milk and chocolate protein powder. yum!!! i should have packed some of the soup i made yesterday, but forgot. ah well... i'll be fine.

fyi- the 5 day liquid diet i'm doing is specific to people who've had weight loss surgery. it's 2 days of liquids, then a day of soft protein, semi-soft protein and then firm. it will allow my smaller surgical stomach (called a pouch) to shrink back, and it will also get me on track to follow the rules for after surgery.

1. protein first. lean protein as much as possible. then veggies and fruits, in small amounts. no sugar, alcohol, and very little grains.

2. no water 30 minutes before or after a meal. this allows the food to stay in the stomach longer, so that i feel full longer.

3. exercise every day. this is something i didn't do after surgery. i'm only starting to follow this rule since end of december. it feels great.

i've stopped eating mentos and am allowing myself to have pasta & wine once a week. i think i can do this for the rest of my life. i will try my very best!!!

i got on the scale this morning and i've lost 10 pounds. happy birthday to me!!!

a final thought for today: this will get hard for me. i'll make mistakes. but if i can keep coming back to this as a way of life, and not a quick diet, it will work. blabbering about it on this blog really helps keep me motivated.


copaX said...

You got this.

ginny said...

10 lbs!!!!! awesome!!!!